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Work Experience

Freelance Houdini FX Artist, Bork Creative Istanbul, Turkey 2016 Responsible for procedural cloud formations and volume smoke simulations.

Freelance Houdini FX Artist, Sinefekt Istanbul, Turkey 2016 Responsible for fluid effects.

FX & Simulation Artist, MojoFX Istanbul, Turkey 2014, 2015 Responsible for procedural modeling, simulations, and integrating 3d geometry between tools.

FX Artist, Blue Voyage Productions Savannah, GA 2012 Designed, simulated, and rendered Blue Voyage Productions new intro sequence.

VFX Supervisor, Savannah Ocean Exchange Savannah, GA 2012 VFX supervisor and Digital Compositor for National Geographic and Digital Exhibition films, FX Artist for the official intro sequence.

VFX Supervisor, Blue Voyage Productions Savannah, GA 2011, 2012, and 2013 VFX supervisor, Digital Compositor, and FX Artist for CSL Plasma industrial videos.

Houdini FX Artist, Decktechs, Savannah, GA 2011 Rigid body fractures, rocket smoke, flame. Rendered only smoke and flame. Asset transfers.

Digital Compositor, SpyHop Productions Savannah, GA 2011 Chroma keyed shots for a CSL Plasma commercial.

On set VFX supervisor, SCAD Savannah, GA 2011 Set up and supervised a 20 camera time slice shot for “Double Agent”.

Houdini FX Artist, Hephaestus, Savannah, GA 2010 and 2011 Simulated and rendered missile smoke and explosion elements, built a universal bullet and debris rig, asset transfers, and related troubleshooting.

VFX Supervisor, SCAD Savannah, GA 2010 Fluid dynamics and compositing for “Block”.

Research and Development, SCAD Savannah, GA 2010 - 2013 MFA research thesis about replacing traditional filming equipment with 3D scanners.

Systems Support, SCAD Savannah, GA 2010 - 2011 Linux support for SCAD Montgomery Hall CG workstations. Built a HQueue simulation farm.

Fluid Dynamics, SCAD Savannah, GA 2009 Houdini fluid dynamics and some shader tests for collaborative RSL Oil Shader project.

Digital Compositor, SCAD Savannah, GA 2006 - 2009 Digital Compositor for several graduate student films.

Associate Editor, Independent Savannah, GA and Istanbul, Turkey 2007-2008 Associate editor for the short film, “Sundays”.

3D Concept Modeler, Lab34 Istanbul, Turkey 2002 Built and textured a bunch of 3D models as concept art.

IT Support, Nokta Media Group Istanbul, Turkey 2001 Maintained a network of Windows, Novell, and Macintosh computers.


Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA — Visual Special Effects M.F.A., 2013

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA — Visual Special Effects B.F.A., 2009

Vancouver Film School, Vancouver, BC — 3D Animation and Visual Effects program, Visual Effects stream, 2005

The Koc School, Istanbul, Turkey — Science Track Student, 2004


3D software - Houdini, Maya, Realflow

Programming and Scripting - Python, Mel, Hscript, RSL, Bash, C++, OpenCV

Motion Capture - Vicon, Motion Builder

Digital Compositing and Tracking - Nuke, Shake, Combustion


Hardware - Phidgets, Kinect, PS3Eye, Raspberry Pi


Languages - English, Turkish

Sports - Played rugby in High School and for a short period of time in Savannah. Rowed for Galatasaray Sports Club located in Istanbul, Turkey.