This page shows the results of applying a custom surface shader, written in the RenderMan Shading Language, to a Maya/Houdini scene in order to create the illusion of decay and rotting.

  1. Big trouble with this project was time management. Reference tomato didn’t rot in the time period I expected.
  2. Base color map was painted in photoshop along with the rotting effect
  3. Tomato was modeled in maya with nurbs since nurbs objects are already unwrapped.
  4. The seam running along the edge caused some trouble but using the periodical texture option on renderman texture editor it was fixed. Also making sure that the sides of the image are same in photoshop is important
  5. Even though occlusion turntable is included, occlusion wasn’t used
  6. Reference tomato only rotted on top a tiny bit, what I have prepared is actually exaggerated to a point where I expect the tomato to be in a few more days.
  7. Instead of a tomato, a banana would be perfect for this project since it rots very quickly.

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